Women’s Empowerment

A growing number of international cooperation and solidarity projects, on the contrary, recognise the role of women as fundamental to the well-being of the entire community to which they belong and seek to enhance the role of women with their characteristics and qualities, placing them at the center of development processes. Mazingira shares this approach and since the beginning of our work, we have created women’s empowerment paths, involving local women’s groups in activities and training courses for the autonomous management of Income Generating Activities (IGA).

The women involved in Mazingira’s projects have the opportunity to participate in training courses on the basic rules of entrepreneurship, on the production and marketing of bee products, on poultry farming, on the production of fruit and vegetables for retail sale, as well as tailoring workshops, local crafts and the construction of insulated baskets (wonderbags).

Tailoring workshop at Mwaya village